Harvard Activist Student Honorees Decline Award in Show of Solidarity w/ Union and Staff

On Thursday, at the 36th Annual Gala, Asian Americans Advancing Justice-LA was scheduled to award the Education Impact Award to Harvard Activist Students involved in the current Harvard University Affirmative Action Lawsuit, who bravely support a race-conscious college admissions system. In the wake of the Advancing Justice-LA Board and Interim Management’s decision to layoff 20%Continue reading “Harvard Activist Student Honorees Decline Award in Show of Solidarity w/ Union and Staff”

Emergency Funds for Laid off AAAJ-LA Staff

Asian Americans Advancing Justice-Los Angeles has tragically laid off 19 workers — 20% of staff — just weeks before the holiday season.  Most received only a day’s notice to clear out their offices.  Many of the impacted workers live paycheck to paycheck due to high costs of living.  They cover the rent and medical expensesContinue reading “Emergency Funds for Laid off AAAJ-LA Staff”


Unionized Staff at Advancing Justice-LA Condemns Board & Management’s Mass Layoffs October 7, 2019 The Collective Bargaining Unit of AFSCME District Council 36 (“the Union”) at Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles (Advancing Justice-LA) condemns in the strongest terms the sudden announcement of layoffs of 19 staff, including all 6 workers in our YouthContinue reading “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE”

Plans for 10/7 & 10/8

The union at Advancing Justice – LA has authorized the following actions in light of what we believe are imminent announcements of layoffs: 1) Monday, 10/7 at 9 am: a VIGIL to mourn layoffs, the loss of our colleagues’ livelihoods, and the loss of the critical services our colleagues provide to the low-income AANHPI communityContinue reading “Plans for 10/7 & 10/8”

Potential Layoff Announcement Coming Monday

Below is the latest email from AAAJ-LA’s founding ED Stewart Kwoh, and interim ED Sylia Obagi. This is yet another example of the lack of transparency by Management and the Board. We have credible evidence to believe they will announce layoffs this coming Monday, despite the tremendous efforts by staff to find alternatives to termination. FiveContinue reading “Potential Layoff Announcement Coming Monday”

Please Sign Our Petition to Stop Layoffs

For the past month and a half, staff at Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles (Advancing Justice-LA) have been working to prevent layoffs. Despite our efforts, the Board of Directors and Management will move forward with layoffs. These cuts will be disastrous to our staff and our communities. At the Advancing Justice – LAContinue reading “Please Sign Our Petition to Stop Layoffs”

A View on Our Messaging

A contingent within our collective bargaining unit wrote the following post. In an effort to respect differing viewpoints within our unit, we are publishing the post here. Further commentary can be found in italics after the post. The community support for Advancing Justice-LA reminds us that we are a vital organization in our fight toContinue reading “A View on Our Messaging”

An Open Letter to the Board

To: Nita Song, Jade Leung CC: Board Members, Sylia Obaji, Aileen Louie, Anthony Roh, Directors  August 22, 2019  Dear Nita, Jade, and Members of the Board: This letter on behalf of our union serves as a follow-up to our August 14, 2019 all-staff meeting with the Board and Interim Management. This is a trying timeContinue reading “An Open Letter to the Board”

Why I’m fighting for my students

I work with the belief that my students deserve the highest quality education possible. In my profession as a bilingual citizenship class instructor, I reject a system that limits access to quality education only to those that can afford it, or speak English, or have papers.  Every student possesses the ability to learn, succeed andContinue reading “Why I’m fighting for my students”

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